About My Site

Hi friends!

The purpose of this site is actually pretty simple… Empowerment!

First, and I feel strongly about this, you will not find any outside advertising or any over-hyped affiliate links on my site.

What you will find is essential oils education, evidence-based essential oils research, team success stories, gratifying tips for how to bring sexy back to your love life, easy ways to crush age related symptoms and a great business model for the opportunity to even Empower your financial success with me as your mentor! Oh… and of course, so much more!

This site is focused on empowering you to…

  • Use holistic ways to improve your own health and wellness
  • Change your life like I did with the Young Living brand
  • Find financial abundance with your own business

The Young Living brand is one I believe in both personally and professionally.

As an RN, I am pretty picky about what products I use in our home, what I ingest and what I use on my body. So it wasn’t until I I had completely satisfied my scientific nursing brain with the clinical effectiveness of essential oils and with the purity of these particular oils that I was hooked.

There are several different ways that you can find your own success:

First, watch the site for invitations to upcoming classes which will cover a variety of health topics and join a free class! Never stop learning and never be afraid to try something different!!

Next, if you want to try any of the Young Living essential oils or other products, you can certainly order them directly from here as a retail customer.

I am passionate about getting these products into as many homes as possible because of the life changing effects they had for me. So I love it when friends choose to shop my website!

If you have any question at all or just want to say “hi” just send me a note and I'll get back with you as soon as I can… yes, I'm a real person!

However, if love (or come to love the oils as I have) and you are looking for the best option to truly empower yourself to take control of your life and your personal finances, I would strongly encourage you to join our Oil Empowerment team. This really is the best option because you will get wholesale pricing on every order, earn free goodies, grow your own business and be surrounded by a team of incredible folks who are ready to share their success stories and embrace you on your healthy journey.

My life’s work has been focused on helping others to succeed. So if you are ready to truly improve your health and wellness, enjoy financial abundance, and live fully empowered, then don’t hesitate and join my team today!

As your friend and coach, I want nothing more than for you to find the same incredible health and financial benefits I have!

You don’t have to live tired, unwell, and paycheck to paycheck. You do have a choice.

Choose differently!

Choose Oil Empowerment!