My Favorite Essential Oils For Sleep

When it comes to my favorite essential oils for sleep, I have three that are my go to oils.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have battled with my pillow and beat my mattress into submission more nights than I can count.

Most of those restless nights, all that fighting was still to absolutely no avail. I’ve spent many nights doing anything except what I should have been doing before the sun rose again the next morning! Sadly, some nights even included random hours of deep house cleaning in an attempt to locate Mr. Sandman!

You can’t imagine how much closet organizing you can accomplish at 2AM!

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My Essential Oils For Sleep –

These are my 3 favorite essential oils for sleep that really help promote more restful night for me. I find they work best for me when I mix them up from time to time. I mean, even though I am totally addicted to lavender, it seems to work better for me when I diffuse it by itself one night, and then with a little Peace and Calming or a bit of Cedarwood another night. I also always turn on either a guided mediation or relaxing spa music when I am ready to snuggle in.

After choosing that night’s oil, I add a few drops to my diffuser, start it running and close my bedroom door. I let it run at least a half hour before going to bed. For me, this gives the aroma time to thoroughly embrace the room. I also add a couple of drops of one of the oils to a cotton ball and place it on my pillow. The smell just immediately takes me to a happy place!

All 3 also make a decadent addition to bath salts. I love to just add several drops of one of these to a handful of Epsom salts and then add that to the bath water. It’s a little spa get away!

Remember, never add essential oils directly to your bath water. They will not mix with the water and will cause your tub to become a slippery mess!

The lavender and the Peace and Calming are also perfect for mixing with a dab of a carrier oil and massaging the blend into the soles of feet. Pay particular attention to massaging it into your big toes.

Put on your comfiest fuzzy socks and call it a night.

You won’t regret it!

What are your favorite essential oils for sleep?


Lavender Essential Oil
Peace and Calming
Cedarwood Essential Oil


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