Essential Oils For Grief

When my mother unexpectedly passed, my grief overwhelmed me. It was soul crushing and emotionally debilitating. I had never struggled with such profound sadness.

As anyone would know, the loss of a loved one can really uproot you emotionally and bring to the surface a whole list of emotions. From grief and sadness to anger and frustration, I was experiencing them all.

Yes, grieving for any of us truly involves a process. How it affects us is on such a personal level and we all deal with it differently and there is no magic wand to wave to just make it go away.

Essential Oils & Emotional Wellness –

Knowing that essential oils posses the capability to influence our brain's emotional and memory's areas I began looking at the possibilities of a few different oils. Ones that would help me to create a more overall positive emotional state, and of course, help soften my state of grief.


Here's My Solution –


I use a mixture of these Young Living essential oils for grief. I use all three individually in my diffuser for the aromatic benefits and I also dilute each one with a little carrier oil (I like the Young Living V-6 oil) and massage them into my body for the absorption benefits.

  • Joy – over the heart
  • Valor – on the feet
  • White Angelica – on the forehead and shoulders


Joy Essential Oil

Young Living's Joy™ essential oil is one of their most appealing oils and one of my favorites too! The name may be simple but this Young Living essential oil is anything but simple. It is actually a blend of several different oils! These individual oils blended together team up to create a single oil that is truly designed to promote a feeling of joy! Discover more about this wonderful essential oil blend here.

Valor Essential Oil

It's one of Young Living's top selling. Valor essential oil's aroma is very calming and soothing and after using it myself I would say it is one of my must have essential oils. It's a wonderful blend of Frankincense, Black Spruce, and Blue Tansy. It works great for me! Especially when I'm feeling a bit shatterable and not as confident as I normally do. Discover more about the Valor essential oil blend here.

White Angelica Essential Oil

White Angelica essential oil is a blend of several soothing essential oils including Melissa and Bergamot. Used in the ancient times. This essential oil from Young Living, when diffused, helps promote a feeling or sense of security and protection. Helps to promote an energy balance and guard against negative energy. Discover more on White Angelica essential oil.


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