Natural Balancing – Essential Oils For Hormones

There are a number of essential oils for hormones that many of us women use to help support our bodies. You know that as we women age our bodies' production of estrogen and progesterone naturally begin to drop off. As a result of this simple biological fact, our hormones suffer the blame of quite a number of bad moods, being cranky… and yes… maybe just a bit bitchy… right!

Like it or not, our hormones do play a pretty significant part in many of our body's natural functions. They need to be in balance with each other and when this delicate balance is disrupted it can result in some health complexities. This is why it's important for us to be able to maintain proper hormonal balance within our body's ecosystem. Estrogen and progesterone are two primary hormones that affect the health of women and there are essential oils for hormones that support your body.

Both of these hormones have characteristics that go well beyond a woman's reproductive well being. Hormones travel around and through the tissues and organs of your body influencing just about everything including; areas of your energy, sleep, brain function, heart health, your weight, and much more!

Recognizing A Hormonal Change –

An important step on your journey through life is recognizing when your hormonal balance is not really happening for you. Hormone levels aren't static. In fact, they fluctuate often… and many times on a moment's notice. Because of this dynamic, it's important to recognize the symptoms that commonly occur when things get out of whack in there.

Common Symptoms Of Hormonal Imbalance –

  • Irritability – (yes, shocker I know)
  • Cravings for Foods
  • Digestive Irritability
  • Sweating and Sweating More
  • Tired and Fatigued
  • Gaining Weight
  • Lacking Libido

In today's world, probably the two most common offenders of our hormonal balance are stress and toxins. These two are at the top of the list due to today's hectic lifestyles and constant exposure to all the chemicals that get infused into our daily lives and activities.

Although we don't have the ability to be in control of all the toxins our body takes in, we certainly can control or otherwise make positive changes to our lifestyle to reduce our exposure to both the stress and potentially harmful chemicals. Making positive lifestyle changes in combination with using essential oils for hormones can help support the delicate balance of your body's hormones.

Essential Oils For Hormones –

When I first started looking into and researching the essential oils to help support hormones and their balance, it was clear that several of the essential oils came up as being most often recommended. Here are a few of the the most common essential oils used that may support hormone balance that I've looked at:

Clary Sage –
As you look around and do your own research you'll most likely find that many of the companies in the essential oil marketplace carry their own particular type of blends and essential oils for hormones for women; and almost all will include Clary Sage as one of their primary oils for this.

Clary Sage is a very popular choice for supporting hormone balancing in women. Clary Sage works to help reduce pain, feeling overly stressed out, and support hormonal balance. After all, that pretty much covers our PMS/menstrual issues in a nutshell!

  • Changes in 5-hydroxytryptamine and cortisol plasma levels in menopausal women after inhalation of Clary sage oil.(1)
  • Pain relief assessment by aromatic essential oil massage on outpatients with primary dysmenorrhea: a randomized, double-blind clinical trial. (2)
  • Aromatherapy massage on the abdomen for alleviating menstrual pain in high school girls: a preliminary controlled clinical study. (3)

Clary Sage aids supporting the balancing of estrogen production in your body which is a big benefit. There are health issue these days such as infertility, PCOS and even cancers that are estrogen-based as a result of an over abundance of estrogen in the body.

If you know that your estrogen levels in your body are elevated or you are just looking for more natural assistance with PMS cramps during your cycle, you should take a further look adding Clary Sage to your monthly routine. Just add a few drops to your hot baths.

Thyme Oil –
Benefits the body by supporting progesterone production. A lot of women (and even men) are low on progesterone. Low progesterone levels have been linked to infertility, depression, and PCOS.

For women approaching midlife progesterone levels may begin decreasing. There are a number of health issues associated with low progesterone levels such as weight gain, mood changes, hot flashes, insomnia.

Remember, when it comes to us women and balancing our hormones, estrogen will usually dominate the discussion, but balancing your progesterone is very important as well. Concerning the matters of fertility aside, progesterone plays a vital part in the regulation of your menstrual cycle as well as your mood. If your progesterone levels aren't happy neither then will be your overall hormonal balance.

Improving your progesterone levels makes Thyme essential oil is one you can possibly use naturally as part of a first step to support your body and hormone balance [] in lieu of synthetic options that can have unpleasant or even serious side effects.

Research discussed in the Proceedings of the Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine discovered thyme essential oil has progesterone balancing effects.

Lavender Oil –
If you've done any research on essential oils at all… and have been around on my website, then you know Lavender essential oil is the Swiss army knife of essential oils! I love this oil!

Lavender is one of the most researched and tested of all the essential oils. Among Lavender's many beneficial characteristics is it's ability to support your body in its effort to balance its hormones.

As you know, one of the symptoms of PMS (hormone imbalance) is one of feeling depressed and emotional for no obvious reason. Lavender essential oil has been shown to possibly mitigate the feelings stress and depression.

Improving your sleep and the time it takes to fall asleep is a key element in reducing stress and fatigue. This in turn will help your body overcome adrenal fatigue and estrogen imbalance.

Lavender is so easy to use in so many ways such as diffusing it or placing a couple of drops in the palms of your hands and rub together so you can easily breath in the aroma.

Basil Oil –
Helps you fend off stress by supporting your body's natural response to both emotional and physical stress. Basil essential oil works with your body balance out your adrenal glands… which are the ones that produce those stress hormones.

Needless to say, when your adrenal glands are out of whack you run the risk of feeling tired during the day, but unable to sleep at night.

Like lavender, Basil essential oil offers a calming effect when stress is present.

Using Essential Oils –

More often than not, I like to diffuse my essential oils into the air. In fact, many of the oils really smell great when combined into a blend… such as Clary sage and lavender!

Using a carrier oil or a roller-ball is also another great way to make use of your essential oils to get them absorbed into your skin!


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