Getting Started With Essential Oils & Beyond

young living essential oilsHave you ever been out and about on nice day walking or driving around and come across the fresh aroma of a group of pine trees, maybe some lavender, or even peppermint? And maybe you stopped for just a moment to take in a deep breath so you could really enjoy the true all natural scent even more? If you have, then you've experienced the soothing power of essential oils!

Essential oils are powerful, very concentrated extracts from the various plants that they represent.

The essential oils that I have used for some time and have come to love are those offered by Young Living. Young Living offers targeted essential oil-based solutions for wellness that allow you to change your lifestyle by avoiding harmful chemicals, re-energizing your energy, reduce your stress and stressful negativity, and really just reclaim the natural radiance about you and in your life!

Essential oils have been around for… well almost… ever. These versatile oils have offered a bunch of benefits from dietary to cosmetic to even spiritual.

Young Living has always endeavored to be a leader in getting these age old traditional uses into the modern age and to the individual users themselves. Over the years Young Living has empowered millions of people in an art and pursuit of wellness that can really be life-changing… as it has for me!

These essential oils have been carefully extracted through a multi-process that produces the purest of essential oils. The end result of Young Living's careful extraction process renders an oil that is a lot more powerful than the plants from which they originally came, yet they are nature's pure essence of the plants themselves.

How Can These Essential Oils Be Used?

For me, life is really all about balance in the things I choose to do and the thoughts I choose to entertain. I'm not perfect by any means. But when I do get off track just a bit, I now know that I can bring things back into balance.

I've truly come to love my essential oils because they have become such an important piece for me and my life's balance. Most often, I incorporate them into my daily routine and I am always learning new recipes and ways to use my go to essential oils!

Whether it's through diffusion, a nice massage, or even directly inhaling some of them, my essential oils truly do have a wonderful ability to relax and calm my mind and body. This type of balance and peace has become such an important element to me. I am glad you're here and I'm so happy to share with you my experience and even my favorites!
This is one of my most favorite ways to put my essential oils to work for me! Whether it's for my bath and body or skincare, I know that I'm treating my body to the natural and not potentially harmful chemicals.

I get the chance to experience all natural effects of herbs such as Lavendar (probably my most favorite of all) and sandalwood. Ladies, this allows your body to radiate it's natural beauty while you get to experience the soothing effects. Let's face it, you and your skin certainly deserve the pampering of products that are just as natural as your skin!

My hope is that you'll soon discover as I did the age old and time honored secret of beautiful healthier looking skin and hair, and even a younger-looking complexion!

The Young Living essential oils are produced to be free of potentially irritating or harmful chemicals to help you look and feel your best... and when you do, you feel your self confidence growing!
Talking cleaning products may not be the sexiest of topics but it's certainly an area of your life where you can constantly come into contact with very strong chemicals. So, if your a bit concerned about the cleaners that you use not being so clean, I think you may have a very valid concern! Don't both you and your family deserve better than regularly using many of the mainstream household products such as soaps, spray cleaners and such that may contain harmful ingredients that might be bad for everyone even in small amounts?

There are essential oil-infused solutions and alternatives for these aforementioned products that you use every day. Why not switch over your home to cleaning products that are all natural and that you can feel good about using around yourself and your family. Not to mention there are even essential oil solutions for cooking and even your spice drawers!
Essential oils can help you meet your goal of living cleaner and improving your wellness. Whether you'd like to give your energy a boost, get after losing that extra weight, multivitamins and nutritional solutions that are infused with essentials oils can help you meet your goals the all natural way.Isn't it time to start feeling your best? I think it is!
For me the big thing is quality. Not only for my personal use but for me to represent the product as a distributor. I need to know that quality is not compromised.

For over 20 years now Young Living has been a leader in both purity and potency when it comes to their oils. The very essence of their commitment to quality is their "Seed To Seal" process. In short, this is Young Living's focus on five basic requirements included in their production process of their essential oils.
"Through the painstaking steps of our proprietary Seed to Seal production process, we produce the best, most authentic essential oils in the world. We are committed to providing pure, powerful products for every family and lifestyle, all infused with the life-changing benefits of our essential oils." - Young Living Essential Oils

I personally used Young Living's essential oils for some time before I decided to move forward with the the business side. I can tell you, that for me and my family, I've really enjoyed our commitment to cleaner living which has enabled us to lose the stress and negativity, re-energize our energy and even avoid using potentially harmful chemicals around the house.

Young Living's home office is located in Lehi, Utah and also has offices in Australia, Europe, Canada, Japan, and Singapore. They also have farms located across the world. Their unwavering commitment to the purity of their essential oils have provided inspiration to millions to experience the gifts of wellness from nature and life changing opportunities.

This Is How I (Seriously) Got Started –

For me, I have long been a lover of essential oils and medicinal herbs since I first discovered their power more than 30 years ago when I was in nursing school. I used them off and on for years in my personal and professional life, but they took on a whole new meaning when my husband and I were involved in a horrid car accident not long after our move to Colorado. More details on my journey if you've not yet seen is here on my Meet Me page.

While the accident could have been much worse and we are thankful every day for God’s protection in that moment, the car accident left me with permanent damage.

My badly messed up left shoulder would ultimately require extensive surgical repair and a long time in physical therapy to regain most of my functional movement. It was not a fun time when my shoulder wouldn’t move in a normal fashion and so I couldn’t even dress or undress myself! It was a lot awkward contortions and a whole lot of help from my man to get any shirt off and on. To this day, my shoulder still hurts and I have limited range of motion.

But worse than my shoulder injury was the nasty traumatic brain injury I got from my head being thrown forward and then smashing hard into to door frame. A wretched concussion left behind life altering symptoms. Raging and uncontrolled migraines that left me with stroke like symptoms, significant balance issues, severe visual changes, confusion, memory loss, speech impairment, dizziness and multiple fainting episodes.

The brain is a remarkable organ, but it sure does not appreciate getting shaken around! Because the head injury was causing me to have such balance issues coupled with the frequent fainting episodes, yep, you read that right… frequent fainting episodes… as in passing out cold without any warning… it was not pretty… so you can imagine, our lives dramatically changed as I become more and more resistant to leaving the house.

The effects of that car accident left me with multiple doctor’s appointments and physical therapy appointments nearly every single week for 18 months. The neurologist was having a more and more difficult time finding the right combination of medication to control the migraines and other symptoms. Because of the severity of the migraines, they were leaving scar tissue on my brain. An MRI showed little pinpoints of damage with every uncontrolled migraine. The MRI was definitely not of a healthy looking brain!

The amount of prescription medication I was taking…

on a daily basis just to manage to get out of bed was overwhelming, not to mention financially crushing. At one point we were spending over $500 a month on prescription medications. Life as it was, absolutely could not continue. The dramatic change in our lives left me with depression and anxiety as my constant companions.

After visiting my doctor and leaving with another new prescription to try to control my symptoms, I cried all the way home. Soul shaking sobs. Desperate for answers and longing for relief. It was in that moment I decided there had to be a better way. So the research began. I chose to find a different way to control my symptoms. I chose to stop my medications. They weren’t very effective and I was struggling every day.

I was unwell in so many areas. My overall health was terrible and I knew I needed to regain my health and wellness. Every day was a struggle with a lack of true wellness. So I decide to chart a different course.

My research led me to many different holistic approaches…

to health and wellness and I began to embrace many of them. Slowly and with the guidance of my amazing and supportive doctors and physical therapy team, I started down a different path to regain my health. I started to exercise again. I replaced processed foods with more farm fresh foods. I started having regular acupuncture treatments. I returned to my yoga practice. I practiced mediation, sporadically at first but getting more consistent all the time. And I found Young Living oils. Life has never been the same.

Under the watchful guidance of my physicians, As I began to regain my health, I was able to slowly decrease the number of prescription medications I was taking. I wanted so badly to get off of the medications. As an RN, I did not like the side effects and the lack of control I had over my health. So I started to look for more holistic therapies that might be able to restore my sense of wellness. Ultimately, I began to steadily regain my health.

Now I am not saying you should stop taking your medications and replace them with essential oils or anything of the other therapies I use on a daily basis. I am definitely NOT saying that essential oils can replace your prescription medication. I am saying you should talk with your healthcare provider and work on a plan that is right for you! I chose a different path, one filled with more holistic therapies, that ultimately worked for me.

But do not accept ill health as the norm! Please! There is so much more to life when you are strong and healthy.

Also, know without a doubt, this nurse researched and researched all of the oils out there and the ONLY ones I would use are the Young Living brand. Yes! There is a difference in essential oils. Don’t think for a minute that all brands are the same. Read this for more information about the YL Seed to Seal process. Read this for more information about the YL Seed to Seal process.

So after my research led me to the Young Living brand, I placed my order for the premium starter kit in hopes that something in that kit might help me find more rest at night. The pain from my shoulder and the frequent headaches, left me feeling quite beat up and perpetually exhausted.

I was skeptical at first and not sure what to expect…

In fact, once I got my kit, it sat unopened for 2 weeks. But in sheer desperation one night, I opened the kit, and asked a friend for her recommendation for something that might improve my rest that night. She immediately suggested diffusing several drops of lavender. I remembered how my lavender, rose and chamomile bath made me feel all those years ago and for the first time in months, I felt hopeful.

Enter my first favorite essential oil – Lavender… and even a bigger change!

When I first cracked open the bottle and caught a whiff of the lavender essential oil, my immediate thought was wow, that smells just like what I thought it would. Pure. Clean. No chemical smell. Just crisp, heavenly lavender. I felt transported.

So I set up my diffuser, filled it with water and several drops of the Young Living lavender oil. I whispered a prayer that maybe just maybe this would be my answer.

I left the diffuser to run about a half hour before we went to bed and when I laid down, I felt surrounded by such peacefulness. And the next thing I knew, I woke up 7 hours later feeling better than I had in almost 2 years. I felt truly rested!

Yep, I’m a believer!

Lavender changed things for me that night. It is still my go to essential oil for a restful and relaxing night! While my story with essential oils started all those years ago with lavender, it is now part of a whole collection of oils I use on a daily basis.

young living starter kit


So you see, for me and as a result of a twist of fate, my story with Young Living Essential Oils has become a vital part of an overall change that Jeff and I committed to making in our lives. My path getting to this point was clearly a bit of an unconventional start to detailing my understanding of them, and fully using them personally.

Getting started and committing to a healthier, cleaner, more natural way of living involves some big changes for you… at least it did for us. But since you're here and you've read this far, I'm very excited for this part of your journey! I really am!

Maybe you'll read no further than this, and aren't quite ready to try out the essential oils. If so, I completely understand and hope you do find the change that's right for you!

But maybe… just maybe you will embrace the change and take the next step toward a more natural lifestyle… and if so, I'm here to help you as much or little as you want!

Either way, I'll still be loving my Young Living Essential Oils and how they are now an important part of the changes we've made.

Ordering Young Living's essential oils is easy! When you're ready, you can order directly from here (link will open a new window). Your sponsor ID will populate as mine since everyone must have a sponsor for their order.

Just below are a couple of quick explanations before you head off to order.
You can set up an account to just purchase retail (it’s rare for people to do that). You can buy any of the YL product but would pay retail price for all. You can order as much or as little as you want and as often as you want or never again if you want.
To get wholesale which is the 24% savings you must purchase a premium starter kit. This gets you the 24% discount. But there are no requirements for you to purchase anything else ever.
When you choose wholesale, you have 2 choices. Either just order for yourself and earn rewards points every month or choose to order every month and earn commission $$$.

The only requirement is if you want to earn rewards (essential rewards-ER-which you earn points that you can cash in for other products). You must join the monthly ER where you must spend 50 points (or about $50) every month. It’s auto shipment every month but you can change your order every month and cancel at any time.
YES! the the commission part is where it really gets exciting!

The commission model is the next step. You must be on ER (Essential Rewards level) but instead of the 50 points purchased per month you have to purchase 100 points per month. That’s it.

That's it!  Flexibility and options!

I like that part. Essentially as much or as little that fits your comfort level and motivation.

If you are indeed ready to take your financial lot in life by the horns and learn more about empowering your life and your finances head over to my page on owning your own business where we'll talk about some real numbers and how to set up your own business!

Here's Young Living's order link once more for you… I'll see you on the natural side!

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