Love My Essential Oils

tranquil essential oilsOver the past several months, I have to tell you that I come to love, use, and appreciate the essential oils that I use in my daily life of living simpler.

Essential oils have actually been around for thousands of years and used many cultures for both medicinal and health purposes. The uses of essential oils range from aromatherapy and personal beauty care to even household cleaning products.

These essential oils actually come via a distillation process or otherwise extracting different parts of plants such as the flowery part, the leaves themselves, the bark, the roots and so forth. As such the end result is a very concentrated form of the natural compounds of the plant(s) themselves.

What I really like is the fact that since essential oils are completely natural they are very gentle on my body as the body knows how to work with oil-based compounds.

When you smell lavender, for example, you're actually smelling the essential oil of the plant… nothing added. The “nothing added” is a key point to keep in mind if you're considering one of the many essential oils products on the market today, as you should always do your due diligence and research to make certain that the essential oil(s) that you may be considering has no additional additives.

I mentioned that the end product from the distillation process yields a very concentrated extract. Most oils are between 10 to 70 times more concentrated, so you're getting very high levels. This is why in most uses it only takes a couple of drops to achieve the desired result. For example, a typical 15ml bottle of lavender actually takes about 150 pounds of lavender flowers to get that little bottle! It's really amazing to think that if you were able to hold up 150lb weight… you could then produce one small 15ml bottle of lavender essential oil.

Essential oils can be used for a myriad of everyday health, beauty, and even household applications… and there are countless numbers of recipes available as well.

Throughout my website on essential oils, I'll share with you my discovery process and how I've come to dearly love the simplicity and the uses of my favorites. And since everyone is different, I'll even share with you the ones that I've tried that weren't necessarily the best for me.

I hope you'll join the discussion and we can share both our experiences as well as our paths to discovering new oils, recipes, and helpful uses for them in our everyday lives!

Come join me won't you!


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