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Hi everyone!

Welcome to Oil Empowerment! I’m Tammy and this site is filled with things I have learned on my personal journey to a life filled with wellness, helping others find their own healthy success and financial abundance.

Some dreams really do come true!

I hope you stop by often and choose to stay awhile. Find a new recipe, learn something more than you knew when you woke up this morning and make new friends! I am really glad you are here!

Life As A Nurse:

I’ve been a Registered Nurse for almost 30 years and I worked as a Certified Nurses’ Assistant for 2 years as I worked my way through nursing school. Being a CNA was one of the hardest jobs ever and I am still impressed with the remarkable men and women who serve in that role! I completed my Associate of Science in Nursing from Tallahassee Community College and my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and my Masters of Science in Nursing Leadership and Management from Western Governors University. I adore my chosen career and truly find my purpose and life’s work in helping others.

Discovering Benefits Of Essential Oils:

I first discovered essential oils when I was in nursing school. I remember walking into a quaint shop in Tallahassee and I discovered a small shelf with all kinds of beautiful bottles of essential oils and other tall, thin bottles filled with crushed herbs touting benefits such as relaxation, increased energy, stress reduction and more. I had never seen anything like it and I was enthralled! I purchased a textbook filled with a cornucopia of medicinal herbs information and a large bottle filled with a variety of crushed herbs that promised to help promote relaxation and restful nights.

Being a stressed out nursing school student, I was willing to give anything a try that could help me get through nursing school. That night, with soft Jazz playing in the background, I slid into my tub which was filled with the crushed herbs and the aroma of the lavender, roses and camomile filled the room. I knew life would never be the same. You might have guessed and you would be right…it took me a very long time to get out of that decadent soaking tub. Essential oils brought a quiet calm to my soul that night and I have never forgotten it.

Over the years, I have often used aromatherapy in the care of my patients. Whether it was a few drops of lavender or bergamot on a cotton ball to help a patient relax or a dab of peppermint oil to help quieten a rumbling tummy or a few drops of lemon and orange on a coffee filter placed over an air vent to help freshen a room, essential oils have long been a part of my personal and professional life. It wasn’t until recently I realized just how much they would come to mean to me personally and just how much they would dramatically improve my life.

One Of Life's (not so little) Game Changers:

When an unexpected job transfer brought us to Colorado in late 2012, it was the perfect time for a total life overhaul. We (me and my hubby Jeff) had been stressed to our limits and allowed negativity to invade our lives. On that fateful drive cross country to Colorado, it was with a calm assurance that we simply made a decision to radically change our lives.

And we did!

Living here in Colorado is truly a gift and one I could have never ever imagined would fill me with such satisfaction. With a state filled with people who demonstrate a passion for health, fitness, and embracing every day, we eventually found our footing and embraced the gift of totally changing our lives.

Yep, it was a total re-boot for both of us! Emphasis on the “us” part!

Back To The More Natural Basics In All We Did:

We became much more active, filled our days hiking in the mountains and sitting by the rushing waters, radically changed the way we ate and filled our bellies with simple, farm fresh foods and we slowly restored our souls.

Getting back to the simple way of life and finding the gift in every day, essential oils just became a part of that holistic journey.

Essential Oils Really Do Work For Me:

Along the journey and after much research, I discovered Young Living essential oils and have never looked back!

I actually used the oils for more than a year before telling anyone about them. As an RN, I admit my scientific brain needed to research, try them out in lots of different combinations and really prove to myself they made a difference.

Well, as it got closer to my self-imposed 12 months of using them myself, I was floored with the positive personal changes and so I started talking and talking and talking about the Young Living brand to anyone who would listen!

I’ve been told in exasperated tones, “oh you’ve changed so much” (I say, Thank God!)… I’ve been called boring, oil obsessed, granola, crunchy…but hey, it doesn’t bother me… I call myself healthy, successful, passionate and empowered!

I’m a woman who embraces life to the fullest!

Don’t ever forget, today is a gift that not everyone gets, so make the most of yours!

Choose differently! Choose oil empowerment!


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