Peace And Calming Essential Oil… Ahhhhhhh

The Peace and Calming essential oil from Young Living is a soft and wonderful blend of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Orange Tangerine, and Blue Tansy.

For me the name Peace and Calming fits this oil perfectly. It's my chill out essential oil for my meditation time and my evening wind down time as I begin my head is about to hit my pillow routine.

If you've got kidos around the house this oil makes a great addition to the kids' nighttime glide path toward their bedtime!



Peace And Calming Essential Oil Uses

  • Diffuse the Peace and Calming essential oil. This works really well around the house in general. If you have kids, give it a try in their rooms.
  • For your (or anyone in your family) getting ready for bed routine, put a little on the bottom of your feet to help your body know it's time to get ready to unwind for the day and drift toward sleeping.
  • Dilute Peace and Calming with a carrier oil and use for a nice relaxing back massage to just chill out for a while or, of course, add to your bedtime routine!
  • I love to soak in the tub to help me relax and whisk the troubles of a hectic day away… Ok… I like to soak in the tub just about any day! Add a few drops of the Peace and Calming essential oil to a cup of Epsom salt to take your relaxing soak in the tub to the next level of Ahhhhhhhh.
  • Speaking of baths… add this essential oil to the Young Living Bath and Shower Gel base for a soothing scent even the whole family will like.
  • Put a drop on your wrist or neck… or even your favorite scarf to remind you that calm is right next to you.
  • I travel quite a lot, so I'm always looking for ways to keep my Young Living Essential Oils handy and a part of my life even when on the road. Travel of any kind often times gets quite hectic with airports, delays, car rentals, appointments, etc, so one way I like to keep my “personal peace” is to put a few drops of my Peace and Calming essential oil on a cotton ball and then zip it up in a zip lock bag. Works great when I'm in the need for some travel stress reduction!

What's your favorite way to use this wonderful essential oil blend?


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